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Miawpukek Aquaculture Escapee Monitoring

Recipient: Miawpukek First Nation
Approved Amount: $50,000
Year Approved: 2015

Miawpukek First Nation (MFN) is proposing to sample a portion of the Atlantic salmon population in the Conne River watershed at pre-determined sites using electroseining methods to determine if they are of aquaculture origin or are carrying any disease.

Electroseining wil be conducted at pre-determined, representative sites throughout the Conne River watershed. Fish that are captured during this process will be enumerated and identified. All salmon encountered will be scale sampled and fin clipped. The scales will be read immediately at the facility and all salmon determined to be of aquaculture origin by this reading will be immediately removed from the system. These fish will be sent away for further genetic analysis.  

Contact: Ross Hinks, 709-882-3002,