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Meduxnekeag Watershed Salmon Habitat Restoration Plan

Recipient: Meduxnekeag River Association Inc.
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2014

We will participate in the development of a trans-border salmon habitat restoration plan for the Meduxnekeag watershed, a process being facilitated through a partnership between the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) and the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians (HBMI).  This work will be guided by a Technical Review Committee that includes representation from research institutes, regulatory agencies, First Nations.  The Corps will prepare the plan based on input from the project proponents and the committee. MRA’s involvement and support for this effort is integral to the long-term potential of having this planning process completed on other portions of the St. John River Watershed and will also positively contribute to the development of a trans-border working process and relationship.

Contact: George Peabody, 506-328-8227,