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Margaree River Watershed IN-STREAM restoration activity for 2023

Recipient: Margaree Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $16,400
Year Approved: 2023

In 2023 we’ll hire our in-stream crew of four people as well as a coordinator to manage the in-stream crew and administrative aspects of our restoration work. Work will be done with the consultation of the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, lending expert advice in habitat restoration. We will enhance two tributaries, Mill Brook and Tompkins Brook, to improve habitat with 20 new structures and 1000 trees planted, repair damage done to existing structures and complete a major rock work project in the main river. We will support DFO efforts to capture and tag salmon in the Margaree river smolt wheel, angle kelt salmon to be tagged, and support any other scientific studies supported by DFO. We will also continue supporting Nova Scotia inland fisheries with salmon broodstock collection for the Margaree hatchery. A consultant will be hired to help us identify priority projects on the main river and tributaries.

Project Contact:

Paul MacNeil