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Management Plan of Little Main Restigouche and Hailes Brook sub-watershed

Recipient: Restigouche Watershed Management Council (RWMC)
Approved Amount: $12,770
Year Approved: 2013

The purpose of this project is to develop a management plan for Little Main Restigouche River which is one of the 5 main sub-watersheds of the Restigouche system. This watershed presents the highest spawner return in the Restigouche system, the conservation threshold having been reached only once since 2004. The project will characterize the present situation by analyzing existing reports and studies, develop inventories of habitat and additional salmon populations and characterize the fishing effort on this river. By organizing meetings with targeted stakeholders, a management plan including concrete actions and prioritizing will be developed. Similar analysis work will be accomplished for Hailes Brook, which flows into the mouth of Little Main Restigouche also with a management plan of a section of the brook to introduce developments and features of salmonid habitat with trails and educational panels.

Contact: David Leblanc, 506-759-5300,