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Maliseet Nation McIntosh Brook Fish Habitat Enhancement Program.

Recipient: Maliseet Nation Conservation Council
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2015

The proposed project aims to continue work in McIntosh Brook, a tributary of the Saint John River, to restore upstream fish passage. There were three manmade structures on McIntosh Brook that impeded upstream fish passage. In summer 2013, MNCC collaborated with the Fredericton Fish & Game (FFG) to partially remove an old concrete dam at the mouth of the brook. This year’s project is to produce a comprehensive strategy to address remaining fish passage problems on the brook in collaboration with FFG and consultants AMEC Environment and Infrastructure. Once a plan is in place, the appropriate actions can be taken to allow fish passage through the second barrier – a culvert on the brook. This culvert is severely perched, and adult salmon seldom have upstream access past this impediment. Specific designs for this project are pending but will be based on one of the solutions developed during the ongoing comprehensive strategy project.

Contact: Dr. Aruna Jayawardane, 506-472-1885,