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Mabou/Mull watercourse restoration plan and continuation of habitat restoration on the Southwest Mabou River

Recipient: Inverness South Anglers Association
Approved Amount: $13,750
Year Approved: 2020

ISAA has two main objectives for the 2020 season: 1) To complete a comprehensive Salmonid Habitat Restoration Plan for the Mabou/Mull River system located in the Mabou Harbour Watershed. 2) To ensure continuous migratory fish access of wild salmon, and salmonid habitat; and conservation, rebuilding and restoring salmonid fish habitat.
ISAA will complete a stepwise comprehensive habitat restoration plan for the Mabou/Mull River system. The plan is needed to move on to securing multiyear implementation funding from our current sponsors and new sponsors, both public and private. ISAA will ensure the access to the existing natural and enhanced spawning/holding grounds of the salmonid species is restored. The habitat restoration will also be continued on the Southwest Mabou River, according the plan for the Southwest Mabou River.
Contact: Dave Cameron, 902 945 2356,