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Location and Consolidation for Existing data on Atlantic salmon and its habitat in Cape Breton and Initiation of Co-learning techniques for stewardship of salmon by local communities

Recipient: Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2010

Review current population/habitat data to identify areas of Unama’ki [Cape Breton Island] that require efforts to restore wild Plamu/Atlantic Salmon populations; public education to communicate to stewardship groups what the priorities for doing this are; to identify gaps in Ecological Knowledge regarding Plamu in Unama’ki and engage knowledge holders of both Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge (MEK) and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) to address those gaps. This project complements the goal of the Bras d’Or Lakes CEPI of creating watershed management plans for all the subwatersheds around the Bras d’Or Lakes, as well as assisting watershed management groups in other parts of Cape Breton in creating and implementing their plans. The project addresses the first recommendation of the Collaborative Salmon Initiative Cape Breton’s stewardship document of identifying information gaps in order to assist communities and organizations in improving conditions for Atlantic Salmon in Cape Breton. The project also seeks to engage the Unama’ki communities and integrate both Mi’kmaq and non-Mi’kmaq ecological knowledge into the work in order to create a uniquely holistic and culturally meaningful perspective.