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Localization and classification of all water crossings on Gaspésie territory: Use of Lidar technology

Recipient: Gespe’gewaq Mi’gmaq Resource Council
Approved Amount: $19,800 for 2022 (2nd year of a 2-year project; Total: $50,350)
Year Approved: 2022

At the GMRC/CGBVRR, we developed a high-resolution technology to identify culverts in watersheds for all Strahler numbers (including short-lived watercourses of Number 1). In the last three years, we were able to develop an approach in the Restigouche watershed in New Brunswick, with available LiDAR data and funding from the ASCF – applied research component. In Gaspésie, the data will be available in May 2021.

With LiDAR data, one can develop an elevation numeric model of extreme precision. Afterwards, we will create a new hydrographic model (more precise than current hydrolines). All water crossings (bridges, fords and culverts) are identified with an automated method. We will then classify the culverts inclination and identify perched culverts which act as a barrier for fish passage. This will enable us to create a sites data bank for compensation and habitat restoration and environmental monitoring projects. Data will be hosted on the interactive mapping already in place at GIRT Table.


Denny Isaac

418 788 3017