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Little Sackville River Restoration

Recipient: Sackville Rivers Association
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2008

In 2005 an in-depth investigation by an environmental consultant was carried out, involving a hydrology survey of the river. Upon the completion of this survey, it was determined that some of the logs were improperly installed or out of sequence according to the new hydrology of the river – an large increase of impermeable surfaces in the area due to development and increase effects due to storm surge (from storm sewer outfalls from related new development) had caused the river hydrology to change. The survey had also identified diggerlogs that were in need of maintenance. Objectives for this project are to continue the reinstallation of the remaining misaligned and washed out/damaged diggerlogs, as well as to maintain the existing diggerlogs on the Little Sackviller River (LSR) that have been identified to be congruent with a new hydrology study. The reach of river involved in this project is about 1,700 meters, involving 30 structures to re-aligned and a further 25 structures to remain that require maintenance or replacement due to storm surge and weathering. A further 100 digger logs will also be maintained in other reaches of the LSR.

Little Sackville River Digger Log Installation Report