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LaHave River Watershed Project – Aquatic Connectivity Assessment and Restoration – 2017 and Invasive Species Research Project

Recipient: Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2017

Coastal action will continue with aquatic connectivity assessments in the North Branch Sub-watershed of the LaHave, and begin assessments in the West Branch Sub-watershed. There are approximately 50 crossings in the North Branch left to assess (started in 2016) and approximately 200 crossings in the West Branch to be assessed. Several high priority barrier culverts will be selected for remediation in 2017; two culvert restoration projects in the North Branch, two in the West Branch, and four in the Main River Sub-watershed from assessments conducted in previous years. One of the projects completed in the Main River would be a large-scale restoration project on Grouse Brook in partnership with the Town of Bridgewater. Coastal Action will also undertake a research project in the LaHave in an attempt to gauge the impact of the two known invasive species, smallmouth bass and chain pickerel, on Atlantic salmon. This work will be in partnership with DFO and the LaHave River Salmon Association.

Contact: Brooke Nodding, 902 634-9977,