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LaHave River watershed project 2018 – Aquatic connectivity assessment, fish habitat restoration, and geo-database development

Recipient: Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
Approved Amount: $12,500
Year Approved: 2018

Coastal Action is proposing to conduct aquatic connectivity assessments in the Main Branch sub-watershed, where 56 stream crossings have been identified. This work will contribute to a growing database of fish passage and invasive species distribution in the LaHave River watershed. Coastal Action is proposing to conduct fish habitat restoration work on Silver Mill Brook, in the Main River sub-watershed. Previous work on this stream has included a culvert restoration, installation of digger logs, riparian fencing and planting, and the construction of a Ducks Unlimited wetland. In the past, this stream has been the location of both salmon and trout releases through the Fish Friends Program. Coastal Action is proposing to inspect structures that were installed in previous years (digger logs, deflectors, baffles, chutes, weirs) and conduct any required maintenance. This work would be carried out at old project sites within the Main River, North Branch, and West River sub-watersheds.
Contact: Brooke Nodding, 902-634-9977,