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LaHave River watershed project 2015 – development of Main River sub-watershed fish habitat restoration plan and West Branch sub-watershed fish habitat restoration project.

Recipient: Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
Approved Amount: $14,000
Year Approved: 2015

The proposed project will take place in the Main River and West Branch Sub-watersheds of the LaHave River Watershed.  An in-stream restoration project in the West Branch Sub-watershed will be completed along the 560 m tributary flowing from New Canada Lake to Wagner Lake.  Restoration work will include the installation of 10-15 digger logs, fish passage and culvert assessments to determine the need for baffles or debris removal, and the removal of a significant amount of garbage, including scrap metals.

The proposed project will also involve the development of a Main River Sub-watershed Fish Habitat Restoration Plan with an initial focus on the assessment of stream crossings for aquatic connectivity.  There are approximately 200 stream crossings to be checked for fish passage in this 370 km² sub-watershed.  Five high priority crossings, determined to be barriers to fish passage, will be identified and restored during the 2015 field season.

Contact: Brooke Nodding, 902-634-9977,