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LaHave River Watershed Project 2014 – Continuation of Watershed Management Plan (Year 3 – North Branch, LaHave) and Fish Habitat Restoration Project (West River, LaHave)

Recipient: Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation
Approved Amount: $12,000
Year Approved: 2014

This project will continue with Year 3 of the development of the Watershed Management Plan for the LaHave River.  Detailed plans were developed for two of the six branches of the LaHave over the past two years – West Branch and West River.  The proposed will focus efforts on the North Branch sub-watershed.  The plan will set priorities for restoration efforts, identify degraded habitats, and direct future conservation initiatives.  The second component of the proposed project will involve a fish habitat restoration project on the West River sub-watershed of the LaHave.  The project will include the installation of digger logs and bank stabilization techniques to improve fish habitat in this section of the West River, LaHave.

Contact: Brooke Nodding, 902-634-9977,