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LaHave River watershed habitat restoration, invasive species research and removal project

Recipient: LaHave River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $5,000
Year Approved: 2021
  • Organize and attend public events to educate the public about Atlantic salmon in the Southern Upland Region. (ex. Invasive species catch and keep fishing tournaments with interpretative and educational booths)
  • Install educational/interpretative signage in high traffic/popular fishing areas along the LaHave river.
  • Continue an invasive species removal project in areas where Atlantic Salmon presence has been confirmed. This will involve angling/electrofishing designated sites from May 1 to September 30.
  • Perform instream and riparian restoration work in the West Branch sub-watershed of the LaHave river. Recent electrofishing surveys have confirmed the presence of multiple life stages of Atlantic salmon and few invasive species.

Contact:  Jamie Mason,