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Key restoration, planning, & education activities in the Cheticamp River watershed

Recipient: Cheticamp River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $15,785
Year Approved: 2023

The CRSA’s proposed project involves instream restoration and planning work to improve fish passage, maintain benefits of previous instream work, and ultimately increase and enhance coldwater habitat. The project focuses on the lower Cheticamp River and Robert Brook and includes 4 primary in-river activities: 1. Fish passage improvement involving structures to address critical barrier – Cheticamp River below Cabot Trail bridge; 2. Site surveys and maintenance plan for existing structures to maintain and strengthen previous gains on the lower Cheticamp River; 3. Water temperature work focused on coldwater refugia with goal to solidify plans for min. of 4 coldwater input locations on lower Cheticamp River; 4. Data collection, increase temperature monitoring, and restoration planning focused on coldwater habitat on Robert Brook.

The CRSA is also proposing to work with partners to increase awareness of importance of conservation of Atlantic salmon in by holding a minimum of 2 public information/education sessions.

Project Contact:

Jillian Baker