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Jim’s Steady restoration project

Recipient: Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
Approved Amount: $5,366
Year Approved: 2018

The purpose of this project was to restore and conserve approximately 18ha or critical spawning and resring habitat for Atlantic salmon by improving the overall health of the ~5km brook between Big Bear Cave Pond and Little Bear Cave Pond, locally known as and referred to throughout this document as, Jim’s Steady.
The Jim’s Steady Restoration Project is a two-year project partially funded by the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program. During year 1, a complete assessment was conducted, and a work plan was developed to identify the specific mitigation techniques that were implemented in year 2. This assessment identified areas that had become wider, causing the pool-riffle structure to be lost as well as areas where side channels had formed causing extremely low water levels during summer months. The efforts taken during this project aided in providing the necessary habitats for invertebrate production and habitats for juvenile salmon.
Contact: Stella Gale, 709-522-3222,