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Inventory of salmon spawning sites of Malbaie River, upstream portion

Recipient: Saumon Rivière Malbaie
Approved Amount: $11,900
Year Approved: 2015

During this project, salmon reproduction potential sites will be localized and characterized and collected information will be entered in a geographic information system (GIS). The GIS will allow us to produce thematic maps, consult the information, and knowingly manage the resource, guide conservation actions or plan interventions to improve salmon productivity of the river. A spawning sites partial inventory was completed in 2014 on a section of approximately 16 kilometers. The results of that inventory were quite indicative.

Collected data will be incorporated to governmental geomatics data in order to deal with this problem which is connected to the protection of the resource and its habitats.

Contact: Lucie Forgues, 418-439-0672,