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Inventory and prioritization of culverts to enhance the connectivity of salmon rivers habitat of Quebec.

Recipient: Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2014

Most of Québec rivers watersheds are crossed by an impressive network of forest roads and watercourses crossings consisting of culverts inside which flow numerous tributaries of salmon rivers. A proportion which is still unknown but which can be important, of these culverts are hard to cross for salmon juveniles; this decreases the capacity to reduce the density-dependence effects on growth and survival of juveniles by the migration of a proportion of juveniles towards the tributaries. The purpose of the project in the medium term is to restore salmon access to habitats which are not accessible, which will increase productivity of the environments. The culverts priorization will enable us to make better choices to maximize the benefits of completed initiatives.

Contact: Normand Bergeron, 418-654-3703,