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Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon Recovery and Monitoring on the Pollett and Little Rivers, Petitcodiac River watershed

Recipient: Fort Folly First Nation
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2014

FFHR will continue its involvement in the restocking and monitoring of iBoF Atlantic salmon within the Petitcodiac River watershed on the Little and Pollett Rivers.  A range of monitoring and sampling techniques targeting juvenile salmon will be used, including capture via electro-fishing, rotary screw trap (RST) and fyke nets. Other population count methods, targeting adult salmon, will include snorkel surveys, adult releases and redd counts.  Juvenile salmon smolt captured in the RST will be transported to a Live Gene Bank (LGB) for rearing to adulthood at the DFO Biodiversity Facility at Mactaquac (NB). Efforts continue to establish a salt water rearing facility for use as a marine based LGB. If operational in 2014 and if FFHR can secure the Recovery Team’s endorsement Pollett River smolt will be transported there.

Contact: Tim Robinson or Wendy Epworth, 506-379-3400, or