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Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon monitoring on the Pollett and Little Rivers

Recipient: Fort Folly First Nation
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2013

Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon are an endangered population (COSEWIC, 2001). Of the rivers listed in the Recovery Strategy, 20% percent of historical adult spawners were of Petitcodiac River origin. The Petitcodiac contains spawning and rearing habitat that may prove to be critical to the survival and restoration of this population. The purpose of our project is to continue the recovery processes underway in the Petitcodiac River watershed, which are designed to restore and maintain iBoF Atlantic salmon. In 2013, we will operate a rotary screw trap  (RST)on the Pollett River to determine the first smolt run estimates for this system and continue electrofishing surveys to document survival to varying age classes. As part of a multi-river initiative (Pollett, Upper Salmon and Point Wolfe) with Fundy National Park and ACFFA, we will retain smolt from the RST for rearing for eventual adult re-introduction into Petitcodiac River watershed headwaters.

Contact: Tim Robinson, 506-379-3401,