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Improving fish passage on the lower reach of the Cheticamp River

Recipient: Cheticamp River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2014

The Cheticamp River has one of only two healthy spring salmon runs left in Nova Scotia. Human impacts have negatively impacted the river and of particular concern are a series of riffles and runs above and below the Cabot Trail bridge that have become severely over-widened.  In low water conditions, these wide, shallow areas create significant problems for migrating salmon particularly for the Multi Sea Winter spring (Late May, June & early July) salmon run.  It is critical that the spring run negotiates these riffles areas and accesses the upper pools before mid July as warmer water temperatures can then become another critical barrier.  Once they have reached the upper pools with the deeper & colder waters, salmon will have access to another 15 -18 kilometers of spawning and rearing habitat.

Contact: René Aucoin, 902-224-5854,