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Improving fish passage on lower Cheticamp River (Phase II)

Recipient: Cheticamp River Salmon Association
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2015

This is the second phase of a collaborative effort between the CRSA and Parks Canada to improve fish passage, increase access to important upstream habitat, and restore impacted habitat on the lower Cheticamp River. Phase II involves installing instream structures according to the recommendations of Dr. Robert Newbury and other experts in three over-widened sites upstream of the sites addressed in Phase I.

The Cheticamp River is one of only two true, relatively healthy spring salmon runs left in Nova Scotia. Human impacts (including past logging and poor bridge placement) have negatively impacted the river. Of particular concern, a number of riffles and runs in the lower river become severely over-widened. In low water conditions, these wide, shallow areas create problems for migrating salmon. Without intervention, these man-made environmental conditions will continue to negatively impact Atlantic salmon and the loss of this very important spring salmon run may eventually occur.

Contact: Réné Aucoin, 902-224-5854,