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Implementing the Bartibogue River Recreational Fishing Management Plan

Recipient: Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2016

The “Bartibogue River Watershed Recreational Fishing Management Plan” (2015) outlines the recommendation that are the basis for this project.  The focus of this project will include: promotion of best management practices to prevent negative watercourse impacts, protect species at risk and to mitigate the impact of invasive/introduced species.  The project will also determine of the productivity levels of the various Bartibogue River branches using electrofishing, breach inactive beaver dams, conduct a late season redd count, and monitor water temperatures at two major pools to assess the deeper water habitat conditions compared to near-surface water conditions. Implementation of these recommendations will be coordinated by MREAC and addressed as required by consultations, engaging other stakeholders and interest groups, field work, recruiting volunteers, data gathering, data assessment and reporting.  The BF&GA will meet regularly with their Board of Directors and MREAC staff to steer the project outcomes.

Contact: Harry Collins, 506-778-8591,