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Implementation of structures to allow salmon migration on Madeleine River

Recipient: Société de gestion de la rivière Madeleine
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2014

The project consists in repairing the last basin of the fish way, where salmon enters. This basin is comprised of two levels, one sub-level and one higher level. Through a penstock the sub-level receives an additional flow which when dispersed loses its energy and runs towards the higher level and is added to the flow coming from the other basins of the fish way. The additional flow will make the total flow in the fish way more attractive for salmon. The penstock located under the fish way is broken at its contact point with the lower level such that a good portion of the flow is lost under the fish way. This created a ditch in the underground gravel under the fish way. It is necessary to repair this break; otherwise it will be impossible to maintain this fish way in good working order.

Contact: Pacal Barnaby Huet, 418-393-2626,