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Implementation and evaluation of habitat improvement structures on tributaries of the Salmon River Watershed, Main Brook Newfoundland and Labrador

Recipient: Memorial University
Approved Amount: $10,625
Year Approved: 2014

This project will implement planned restorations procedures for major tributaries of the Salmon River Watershed. All remedial actions are outlined in the 1992 plan; and, to resample the original monitoring sites to address three specific questions. First, were the structures long-lasting? Second, did they still create similar habitat conditions more than two decades after installation? Third, was the increase in trout biomass and abundance persistent 20 years later? These are critical questions as we move forward with further restoration effort and are important to all effort in the boreal ecosystem.  Moreover, managers need to know how long any observed increase in fish abundance is sustained, to determine whether habitat manipulation is cost-effective.

Contact: Dr. Michael van Zyll de Jong, 709-639-2702,