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Identification of Ectoparasites infecting Outer Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon.

Recipient: University of New Brunswick
Approved Amount: $17,500 (2nd year of 2 year project, total: $35,000)
Year Approved: 2017

Parasites and disease are identified as a high concern threat affecting the endangered Outer Bay of Fundy (OBoF) Atlantic salmon. Ectoparasitic lice are observed on increasing numbers of salmon returning to the Saint John River system over the last decade. Specific identification of these ectoparasitic lice has not been carried out but the species that is most common is NOT a sea louse. This project will address our knowledge gaps by identifying specifically the diversity of ectoparasitic lice found on migrating OBoF salmon. Management decisions and/or mitigation measures cannot be developed without first conclusively identifying the louse species, the source(s) of these lice, and those species that cause pathology and threaten the OBoF Atlantic salmon. Accurate identification of parasites and understanding their survival and transmission is essential to develop rational control measures, and to avoid inadvertent parasite introduction to pristine rivers by fish translocations.
Contact: Michael Duffy,