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Hydraulic features assessment of a spawning area on Betsiamites River and Boucher River

Recipient: Conseil des Innus de Pessamit
Approved Amount: $6,900
Year Approved: 2015

Given the flow management potential impact at Bersimis Dam 2 exit on salmon life cycle and the lack of information on salmon behaviour in these conditions, a measuring campaign will be launched to collect reference data on 2 spawning sites in order to document the impact of Bersimis-2 flow management on spawning sites hydrodynamic aspect. Two spawning sites will be selected, the first one being the spawning ground (kilometer 67) located at approximately 4 km above Bersimis-2, and thus strongly influenced by the dam management. The second would be the spawning ground located at the mouth of Boucher River (km 3.9), a tributary not affected by Bersimis -2. It will serve as a control point.

Contact: André Côté, 418-567-3132,