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Hurricane Fiona Mitigation

Recipient: Trout Unlimited Canada Prince County Chapter Inc.
Approved Amount: $23,504
Year Approved: 2023

This project will focus on Hurricane Fiona mitigation to improve access to important Atlantic Salmon habitat. As a result of hurricane Fiona there are many blockages that are impeding access and water flow in Caruthers, Cain’s, and Trout Rivers which will require removal or the next work seasons. This project will focus on Caruthers in 2023 with the other two systems being prioritized the following year. Trees will be planted in the riparian zone to replace the ones that fell during the hurricane with species which are more resistant to such storm events. The changes to the stream due to the dramatic effects of Fiona will also necessitate conducting rapid geomorphic assessments again to determine any changes in our streams.

Project Contact:

Dale Cameron