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Hooking Atlantic salmon recreational anglers: Using MyCatch mobile app

Recipient: Environment Resources Management Association
Approved Amount: $39,732
Year Approved: 2023

Angling data in NL is obtained from voluntary returns of angler records. However, angler record return rates are often limited requiring mail out prompts and follow-up phone surveys. The use of a phone app simplifies data collection, improves data quality, and provides a streamlined method for data sharing. MyCatch is a free phone app that allows anglers to log their fishing trips for personal use, while simultaneously generating fisheries data for research and management purposes. In 2020 MyCatch began running Covid-friendly angling ‘challenges’ to increase angler participation and has demonstrated that this competitive format can collect high quality fisheries data. We propose to launch a virtual fishing challenge for anglers on the Exploits River, NL over the entire 2023 recreational Atlantic salmon angling season. Collected data will be used to compare participation rates and quality of data from MyCatch to the currently used angler record reporting.

Project Contact:

Kim Thompson