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Hook & Release education course development and delivery

Recipient: Salmonid Council of Newfoundland & Labrador, Inc.
Approved Amount: $3,500
Year Approved: 2010

The 2008 project was to design a case study course using approximately twelve film flicks. Each flick would show a salmon being released. After each film showing a round table discussion would be held to bring out what was done right and what could be done better. Each of the twelve film flicks would be specifically chosen to bring out a particular aspect or situation that could be faced in releasing salmon. At the end of the two and one half- hour course each participant should have learned how to release salmon safely, providing them with a better opportunity to survive. The course would be lead by a facilitator who would have a leaders guide. The guide would outline the aspects of each film flick and what aspects should be brought out in each group discussion. The student would learn from group discussion and vast amount of experience and knowledge that would be present in the group. Five education courses were offered in 2008 including St. John’s on March 3, 2009, with 18 participants, Hawk’s Bay, Northern Peninsula with 10 angling guides in attendance, Grand Falls for Exploits River Management Association with twelve participants, Clarenville for Friends of Shoal Harbour River with twelve participants and one was held for seven DFO new guardian trainees. Five more courses will be offered in 2010 targeting 15-25 participants at each session