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Hammond River Smolt Assessment

Recipient: Hammond River Angling Association
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2013

The Atlantic Salmon Federation has agreed to provide the HRAA with the use of a smolt wheel for the spring of 2013.  The smolt wheel, a large apparatus used to capture smolt during the period of downstream migration, will be used to conduct a mark-recapture survey on sea-bound juvenile Atlantic salmon (smolt).  The HRAA has historical data for fry, parr, and adult densities; however a smolt survey has never been conducted on the Hammond River.  This would provide valuable information on the smolt life stage of Atlantic salmon in the Hammond River, and will assist in developing our management plands to better protect this population.  The HRAA has been trying to gain access to a smolt wheel for over ten years and we are very fortunate to finally have this opportunity.

Contact: Sean Doyle, 506-832-2077,