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Grassroots Conservation in Action Project “Phase Two”

Recipient: Richmond Bay Watershed Association
Approved Amount: $7,107
Year Approved: 2014

This project will influence ecologically based strategies for stream and riparian zone corridor and upland management improvement. With support from farmers and landowners, native tree species and shrubs will be planted along stream banks and expanded buffer zones. In an attempt to reconstruct the natural rhythms of sediment impacted streams and to improve in-stream habitats and habitat diversity, 3 km of in-stream restoration activities will be carried out. This work includes the construction of brush mat, maintenance of sediment basins, stream bank armouring, and the addition of in-stream rock groupings and woody structures. Such efforts can serve to improve the many ecological functions of stream channels and riparian zones that serve to preserve, protect, or enhance habitat for Atlantic salmon on PEI.

Contact: Cathy Gallant, 902-854-3414,