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Restoration of cold, freshwater habitat for Atlantic salmon on the West and Clyde Rivers, PEI.

Recipient: Central Queens Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation
Approved Amount: $27,500 for 2016 (2nd year of 2 year project, total $55,000)
Year Approved: 2016

CQWF has applied intensive restoration strategies over the past four years to address pervasive, long-standing habitat degradation in the West River. Strategies targeting improved salmon habitat that we will continue to use include aggressive removal of sediment, creation of pools with large woody debris and cross-vane flow deflectors, and alleviation of stream bottom embeddedness with gravel restoration beds. Our work has produced measurable, dramatic results; however, the stress on rivers from extreme weather events is now pronounced, often diminishing the progress we’ve achieved. We propose to continue restoration while planning for an increased frequency of 1-in-100 year storm events. We will increase our capacity to permanently reduce the amount of sediment in the river with the construction of three more sediment traps or bypass ponds. In addition, we will work to reduce the number of flow restrictions at private and public road crossings in the watershed, working with partners to replace under-sized culverts.

Contact: Clay MacLean,