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Fostering Fish Friends

Recipient: Gespe’gewaq Mi’gmaq Resource Council
Approved Amount: $11,400
Year Approved: 2014

The GMRC will deliver a program that is directed by the New Brunswick Salmon Council (NBSC) called Fish Friends.  Fish Friends is a hands-on, educational program that is facilitated by many dedicated volunteers. With the assistance of volunteers, we will deliver an educational component to three schools. The children will have an opportunity to nurture Atlantic salmon in an aquarium setting from eyed eggs to fry, while also learning about the animal’s habitat, lifecycle, freshwater ecology, in addition to stewardship practices.  Fry will be released into their native waters, the Nepisiguit River, further instilling a sense of conservation and responsibility in the youth, as well as developing an interest in recreational sport fish and fisheries.

Contact: Denny Isaac, 418-788-3017,