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For Bonaventure River sustainable future: development of an area suited management method – phase II.

Recipient: Conseil de l'Eau Gaspésie Sud
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2015

Objectives of the proposal:

  • Mobilize and actively engage all stakeholders concerned with the river sustainable development;
  • Identify creative and relevant tools for the river sustainable development;
  • Enable joint actions on the river;
  • Promote awareness and long term protection of Atlantic salmon population and its habitat;
  • Equip municipalities of the region with development management tools in relation to the river;
  • Help as much as possible limit the negative impacts of existing or emerging recreational and vacation activities on the river’s unique and authentic character;
  • Equip stakeholders of the tourism sector with practical and applicable tools to promote harmonization of the river uses and its preservation;
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise acquired during the project to other communities.

Contact: Michel Chouinard, 418-534-2770,