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Fishway Refurbishing and improvement on Godbout River Project

Recipient: Organisme de bassins versants Manicouagan
Approved Amount: $7,418
Year Approved: 2016

Molson Fall, classified as « impassable with qualification » can be a barrier for migrating salmon. Thus MFFP erected a fishway in 1985. A trap enables us to count, measure and identify the fish going through the fishway. Some watersheds are too small to act as a resting place for salmon. Metal barriers are damaged and can injure migrating salmon. The flow in the fishway is controlled by adding or removing wood girders. The girders can only be removed when the flow is 50 m3/s. Therefore, the fishway is often only open in early July, and salmon only reaches upstream sites in mid-July. In addition, salmon accumulates at the foot of Molson Fall and is subjected to poaching. This project consists in taking appropriate corrective measures for the fishway.

Contact: Normand Bissonnette, 418-298-0742, extension 227,