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Fish Habitat Restoration: Stream Bank Stabilization to Reduce Siltation on South Brook, Pasadena, NL

Recipient: Humber Arm Environmental Association Inc.
Approved Amount: $8,050
Year Approved: 2017

This project will utilize both rock rip rap and plantings of native vegetation along 150 metres of eroding stream bank already identified on South Brook to eliminate current siltation, reduce potential for further erosion, and provide a vegetative canopy.


Water temperature, turbidity and presence of fish will be documented pre, during, and post restoration, both at the stabilization site and at regular intervals downstream.


ACAP Humber Arm will survey 50kms of Atlantic Salmon rivers throughout western Newfoundland to document areas susceptible to erosion. This documentation will include site description (vegetation cover, slope, stream velocity, etc.) and geo-referenced photos. This information will be used to prioritize and justify future Atlantic salmon habitat restoration initiatives.

Contact: Sheldon Peddle,