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Fish habitat restoration and enhancement in the Fales River and Round Hill River sub-watersheds

Recipient: Clean Annapolis River Project Society
Approved Amount: $10,000
Year Approved: 2021

This project will support continued efforts to address threats posed to Atlantic salmon and their habitat in the Fales River and Round Hill River sub-watersheds. The primary activities of this project will include: the installation of in-stream restoration structures in the Round Hill River; the collection of data to inform the development of sub-watershed management plans for both sub-watersheds; targeted outreach to engage landowners/managers in restoration planning at sites where land-based activities have been identified as significant sources of sediment pollution; targeted education and outreach to prevent illegal ATV use in the Fales River; targeted education and outreach to recreational anglers in order to address threats related to aquatic invasive species; the delivery of experiential educational programs for local residents, business owners and youth in order to generate community engagement in stewardship activities that benefit Atlantic salmon and their habitat.

Contact:  Levi Cliché,