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Fish Friends Revival Continued

Recipient: Environment Resources Management Association
Approved Amount: $10,511
Year Approved: 2023

Education and community leaders in central Newfoundland are very interested in actively participating and expanding the Fish Friends program that was originally developed and established by the Atlantic Salmon Federation. This highly successful program gives children and adults the opportunity to explore the world of the Atlantic salmon. ERMA revitalized the program in 2020-2021 with one school, and in 2021-2022 with COVID-19 still a limiting factor but with support from ASCF, ERMA expanded to include four groups. ERMA has the facilities, qualified experienced team members and DFO licensing to collect salmon to provide fertilized eggs for this program.

For 2022 – 2023 ERMA proposes to expand this sought after program to include up to eight groups. Groups will be supplied with incubating systems (tanks and incubators), and ERMA will deliver fertilized salmon eggs. Students then learn and observe the life cycle, raising salmon to the “fry” stage, before returning them to the Exploits River.

Project Contact:

Kim Thompson