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Exploits River Tributaries Restoration

Recipient: Environment Resources Management Association
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2012

Dam removal benefits salmonids by: (1) removing obstructions to upstream and downstream migration; (2) restoring natural riverine habitat; (3) eliminating siltation of spawning and feeding habitat above the dam.

Obstruction Removal: The condition of the structure at each target location including the degree of deterioration dictated what was required to remove the existing obstruction.  In some cases the deteriorated structure may be completely removed, while in other cases components of the structure including retaining walls would be left intact to ensure structural integrity and prevent any potential collapsing of the stream bank and related erosion issues.

Six sites were completed for obstruction removal.  They include Junction Brook, Caribou Pond Brook 1 and 2, Noel Paul Tributary, Miguel Lake and Pameoc Brook.  It is estimated that 200 kilometers of stream are now accessible to fish movement and 20 tonnes of debris removed from streams.


Before Caribou Pond Brook


After Caribou Pond Brook