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Evaluation of success of habitat expansion and enhancement on Upper Terra Nova River Atlantic, phase 3

Recipient: Freshwater-Alexander Bays Ecosystem Corporation
Approved Amount: $48,853
Year Approved: 2018

This project will evaluate the success of an enhancement program (Mollyguajeck Falls fishway and fry stocking. 1985-2002) in establishing a salmon population in the upper Terra Nova River. The project will also evaluate the effectiveness of the conservation plan for Terra Nova River. The project will include monitoring salmon at Mollyguajeck and Grant Falls, and a creel survey (partnered with DFO) at locations chosen by DFO. The data collected will provide a time series to evaluate changes in abundance of salmon prior to and after enhancement activities. Creel surveys will provide a better understanding of the catch and effort distribution and dynamics of the angling fishery. The data analysis will be enable an evaluation of the current conservation/management plan for the river and development of a new plan. The effectiveness of the new water diversion at Mollyguajeck Falls fishway will be evaluated.
Contact: John Baird, 709-533-9656,