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Evaluate the success of the 2004 watershed conservation strategies for Atlantic salmon in Bay St. George rivers, and develop a new conservation strategy 2021

Recipient: Bay St. George South Area Development Association
Approved Amount: $49,986
Year Approved: 2021

This project is the final year for collecting information which will be used to evaluate the success of the Atlantic Salmon Management Plan for Bay St. George Rivers implemented in 2004. The results of this evaluation will be used to develop a new conservation management plan.  Evaluation of the success of the 2004 plan will be accomplished by comparing the current status of salmon stocks (2018-2021) to their status prior to 2004. In 2021, the status will be determined by using a counting fence to monitor salmon returning to Little Barachois Brook and carrying out snorkel surveys to estimate spawners on Middle Barachois Brook and Robinsons River and/or Crabbe’s River.  Catch and effort data and biological characteristics data will be collected from anglers by River Guardians and fence attendants on Little Barachois Brook.  The status of the stocks derived for years 2018-2021 will be used to evaluate whether the 2004 salmon management plan achieved its objective of improving the salmon abundance in Bay St. George rivers.  Public meetings will be held to collect local knowledge and engage stakeholders in developing a new management strategy.

Contact:  Suzanne Shears,