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Evaluate the success of the 2004 watershed conservation strategies for Atlantic salmon in Bay St. George rivers, and develop a new conservation strategy

Recipient: Bay St.George South Area Development
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2018

This project evaluated the success of the two Atlantic Salmon Conservation/Improvement Strategies for Bay St. George Rivers implemented in 2004 and develop new conservation strategies. Assessments of the status of stocks are available on some rivers up to 2008 and for Harrys River up to 2017. Other than Harrys River, there is insufficient information to evaluate the present status of the other eight stocks. Assessments prior to 2008 and angling data suggest that although three of the nine populations have increased, others have declined, Particularly Middle Barachois, Little Barachois, and Southwest and Bottom Brooks. The success of the 2004 strategies was evaluated by collecting new data on the salmon abundance, gathering local knowledge, and comparing this information to stock status prior to 2004. The utility of using DFO angling data was also investigated. New watershed strategies were developed with input from the public.
Contact: Eric Legge, 709-645-2850,