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Enhancing Millstream River Tributaries

Recipient: Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee
Approved Amount: $15,000
Year Approved: 2021

In 1994, two key limiting factors to the health of the Kennebecasis watershed and the wildlife inhabiting it were identified as degraded riparian zones and elevated stream temperatures. This project will address these factors and aid in increasing access to and use of the tributaries to the Millstream River by using bioengineering techniques to stabilize eroding stream banks and restore the riparian habitat.  These techniques include the use of erosion control blankets, willow stakes and willow brush layers and will be combined with tree planting and the placement of stabilization structures. Rock/boulder clusters or rock groynes will be installed where appropriate to increase the oxygen levels in the water and provide fish cover and hydraulic continuity. Fencing will be installed to outline riparian setbacks on agricultural land.

KWRC will engage with landowners along these tributaries and work with them to improve their riparian zones. Engagement with volunteers will accomplish some of the work, as well as provide education on the importance of stream temperatures for fish, especially species at risk, such as Atlantic salmon.

Contact:  Ben Whalen,