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Enhancing Fish Habitat on the Fales River

Recipient: Clean Annapolis River Project Society
Approved Amount: $5,875
Year Approved: 2019

Through the project, CARP will seek to address the threat posed to Atlantic salmon on the Fales River by enhancing fish habitat. In 2018, electrofishing practices verified the presence of two cohorts of Atlantic salmon on the Fales River supporting the value of in-stream habitat restoration on this system. The primary action to be undertaken through the project will be the removal of fine sediments from the interstitial spaces of the gravel and cobble substrate through the use of the SandWand technique. The installation of structures such as tree deflectors will also be conducted to assist in enhancing rearing and migration habitat for salmonids as well as to act as sediment traps for silt, redepositing them alongside the bank. Monitoring will be undertaken to compare pre-restoration and post-restoration conditions and evaluate impacts of restoration activities.

Contact: Levi Cliche, 902-532-7533,