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Enhancement project for salmon potential in Sheldrake River 2021

Recipient: Municipalité de Rivière-au-Tonnerre
Approved Amount: $25,461
Year Approved: 2021

The salmon population of Sheldrake River was once exceedingly small and doomed to disappear, since it was estimated that fewer than 20 spawners were present in the early 2010s (AECOM, 2013). It was therefore necessary to plan for stocking the river to restore the stocks and to allow for the colonization of a section of 62 kilometres that is now available above the falls. Stocking will accelerate the restoration of the salmon population and eventually the return of recreational fishing on the river. Stocking started in 2015 and it continued every year for six years. However, funds from the Programme de mise en valeur des habitats du saumon atlantique de la Côte-Nord (administered by the FQSA) will no longer be available to continue the release of fry in 2021 because this program will be terminated at the end of 2020. The Department of Wildlife, Forests and Parks of Quebec (MFFP) was also approached to contribute to maintain this stocking project on Sheldrake River in future years, but it made no financial commitment in this regard. Therefore, the municipality is requesting assistance from the ASCF to continue the stocking project in 2021. The goal would be to release approximately 1.25 million fry in Sheldrake River in 2021 (cumulative number of fry released since 2015).

Contact:  Josée Poulin,