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Enhancement of habitat and increasing access in four watersheds of Antigonish County

Recipient: Habitat Unlimited (HU)
Approved Amount: $8,400
Year Approved: 2013

It is the intent of this project to continue restoration efforts within four watersheds in Antigonish County, specifically the Meadow Green region of the Pomquet River, the Keppoch region of the Beaver River, Pinevale Brook of the South River, and Cameron’s Brook of the Wright’s River. The Meadow Green region and Cameron’s Brook have historically undergone intensive agricultural and logging activity; as such potions of the tributaries in this region are eroding excessively and have lost sections of their riparian zone. The Keppoch region and Pinevale Brook have had logging operations that caused debris jams altering the natural path of the river and its tributaries, resulting in poor habitat and obstructions to fish passage that prevent access to the good quality spawning and rearing habitats in the tributaries upper reaches. To address these issues the project will install in-stream structures and remove debris jams that are obstructions to fish passage.

Contact: Kris Hunter, 902-863-7771,