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Electrofishing and Redd Count Surveys to Inform Future Hammond River Management Decisions

Recipient: Hammond River Angling Association
Approved Amount: $7,000
Year Approved: 2019

The Hammond River Angling Association will monitor juvenile Atlantic salmon populations by electrofishing 15 index sites in the Hammond River Watershed to further our understanding of population dynamics.  The Hammond River has an extensive juvenile Atlantic salmon population dataset, extending from 1978-2018, and HRAA intends to continue such robust monitoring to support location prioritization of restoration activities to improve salmon habitat within our watershed.  Historical data analysis will occur to determine changes in juvenile salmon data by tributaries to give more in-depth and meaningful data interpretation to inform management decisions.  A 2019 Redd Count survey will be conducted, and analysis of a 10-year dataset will be summarized and presented. With the help of the Atlantic Salmon Federation, and a retired DNR Biologist, investigation into the relationship between redd counts and juvenile Atlantic salmon will occur. Reports obtained from these findings will be integrated into a 2020 Hammond River Watershed Management Plan.

Contact: Samantha Bosence, 506-832-1230,