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Eel River Recovery Project

Recipient: Eel River Bar First Nation
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2015

The project will implement the fin-fish recovery plan for the Eel River.

The following are program activities proposed for 2015.

  • Carrying out activities in the River Recovery Plan (stock the river with Salmon, conduct fish surveys, collect data on habitat conditions, monitor adult fish on the Eel River system);
  • Determining recovery targets for abundance (working with Bill Hooper of Watershed Technologies;
  • Purchasing and installing streamside incubation tanks for restocking purposes;
  • Restoring access of wild Atlantic salmon to salmon habitat- removing large woody debris and garbage found on the four main branches of the Eel River;
  • Releasing fry from the Fish Friends Program- educating and involving the students of local schools;
  • Conducting information sessions/workshops designed to inform the public about the importance of salmon conservation and to engage the communities in the ongoing management of the watershed and its fisheries resources;
  • Tree planting along the Eel River.

Contact: Sacha LaBillois, 506-684-6286,