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Eel River Atlantic salmon habitat recovery project 2020

Recipient: Eel River Bar First Nation
Approved Amount: $20,000
Year Approved: 2020

This project will continue to build upon implementation of the 2010 and 2016 strategic and operational fisheries management plans for the Eel River drainage waters and Restigouche County. The following management and restoration activities will be undertaken in 2020;

  • Undertake electrofishing surveys to determine juvenile densities and distribution throughout the Eel River catchment
  • Collect and transport Atlantic salmon broodstock to the Charlo Salmonid Enhancement facility for subsequent egg stripping and egg incubation with Scotty boxes
  • Perform salmon redd surveys on index reaches for the four Eel River branches
  • Carry out culvert surveys assessments to identify habitat fragmentation and stream connectivity
  • Conduct community information sessions designed to educate the public about salmon conservation along with project booth set up at Community Pow Wow
  • Start early planning stages needed for the development of salmon management plan

Contact: Keshia Moffat, 506-684-6286,